Hey, welcome to my corner of the internet.
My name is Oli, but due to the high collision risk, you'll usually find me under the nickname oli-obk.
I finished my studies in computer-science at KIT (Karlsruher Institue of Technology) in 2013.
I am currently employed at Cosmian
I mostly work on the Rust language's official compiler (github.com/rust-lang/rust), though I also have various smaller Rust projects.

Other web-presences


Projects I've worked on


Open Source Successor of Clonk (www.openclonk.org)
I refactored the keyboard input code to be keyboard layout independent


Portable 2d Game Engine for c++ and ruby (libgosu.org)
the cmake build system for linux and mac was written by me


Portable Communication Client written in C# (smuxi.org)
Completely rewrote the xmpp support and keep extending and fixing it.

Interesting Links

Clonk: A very exendable 2d JnR Game
Polyvox: Voxel processing library